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Social Nerd™ 101 — 5-week option


Our core offering.

Duration: 5 weeks.

Includes weekly group sessions as well as individual calls with the instructor.

Note that the people taking the full 8-weeks start and those taking the 5-week version will start the course together.

This innovative and highly interactive course will lay the foundations for your social skills. We REALLY start from the beginning. There are no prerequisites. We will not give you vague instructions such as “see how you feel about this person” or “just try to smile more”.

The course can be taken as a 100% VIRTUAL course. However, the course will include interactions with people not enrolled in the course, and it will include practical assignments such as you calling or emailing other people, including those not enrolled in this course.


Week 1. Belief systems. Subjective/Objective
Week 2. People are different.
Week 3. Storytelling
Week 4. The art of the conversation.
Week 5. Group conversations.
**** if you chose the 5-week version, the course ends here ****
**** if you chose the 8-week version, keep reading ****
Week 6. The art of the phone and the email
Week 7. Framing and reframing.
Week 8. Relationships. Course debrief.
Refund policy: pro-rated. You can quit during the first week and receive a full refund. You can also quit any time after that and receive a pro-rated refund for the remaining full calendar weeks, minus the $99 deposit.


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