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PRACTICAL business thinking for data scientists



Prerequisites: some data science skills including coding in python or R. Either 1+ year of work experience or just solid fundamentals.


This innvovative course will give you REAL business intuition that cannot be replicated by reading articles watching videos online.

Many data scientists are completely clueless when it comes to business needs, and even those who aren’t completely clueless, still lack the right intuition. They still seem to think that they are paid to educate themselves and present charts and diagrams to stakeholders. We have discovered that people learn the fastest then their own money is at stake. As such, this course includes you PAYING a modest amount to another one or two people to do data science work for you.

Duration: 10 weeks.

Can be taken by yourself or together with a friend (same price).

In this innovative course you will first develop an idea for a data science project. It can be an idea that you already have, we can help you come up with one, or sometimes even find a partner startup that can suggest the direction.

You will develop and flesh out the idea.

Then you will INTERVIEW several potential interns and HIRE one or two who will complete the actual work. HALF of the money you pay for this course will actually be used to compensate the intern. We will supply candidates who are willing to work for little compensation because they are trying to improve their own data science skills and/or because they are located in a country with a low cost of living.

You will receive feedback and guidance helping you learn from the interview process.

Note that while we can also find interns who would be interested in working for free, it is essential for your learning that you spend your own money. You will decide if you want one or two interns, how much you want to pay them, and how much work you expect from them.

Then you will have an opportunity to discover, how exactly your employer feels about paying you money. This alone can make you drastically more productive, once you understand, for example, that when your intern is reading books, it is not helping you in the least.

You will meet with your intern regularly — and you will also regularly meet with your mentor who will guide you to maximize the learning experience.

In the end you will receive a finished product. That product may be amazing, or it may be a complete disaster, depending on how well you handle the process.

Your mentor will do a post-mortem debrief and leave you with written notes, summarizing the learning points from your 10-week experience.

MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: we are happy to provide you a pro-rated refund, shall you decide to quit at any point in the program. However, please understand that the money already paid or promised (by you) to the intern(s) cannot be refunded.

NOTE: if your employer is paying for your participation, it is still mandatory that you pay 50% of the fee yourself, as the course will not be effective if you are not using your own money.


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