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Effective writing for data scientists



Duration: 4 weeks.

Note: inquire for corporate discounts.


Every data scientist needs to be an effective writer to clearly communicate his / her insights. Unfortunately, many have not received adequate training, particularly those with computer science backgrounds. Similarly, many data scientists lack substantial academic research experience — in fact, the majority have never published a peer-reviewed article in their lives.

This 3-week course is designed to give you or your data scientists a quick boost in writing effectiveness and providing additional tools for future growth. It includes reading assignments, hands-on writing exercises reviewed by instructors, exercises reviewing the writing of other people.

Students are encouraged to submit their own samples of work writing, if those can be shared without violating intellectual property / non-disclosure agreements, perhaps after removing all the pertinent information; documentation for one’s open source library or another passion project can also be used. In this case, an additional side effect of having taking the course would be an improved version of the submitted sample.

Week 1. Resume writing.

People understand the principles of effective writing quickly when the text is about them and the document has importance.


Week 2. Email writing.

Examples of real world emails will be discussed. Students are encouraged to submit their own.


Week 3.

Research reports. Real-world examples will be studied.


Week 4.

Documentation. Real-world examples from open-source libraries will be studied.


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