About us

Sergey Orshanskiy, the Founder of Social Nerd, has been programming since the age of 9. In high school and college he used to participate in math and programming competitions, and in 2004 his team of three won the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest. After moving to the United States, Sergey received a Ph.D. in Mathematics from Penn State (2010). He briefly worked on Wall st. doing equity options trading. In 2014 he started working at startup called Bask Labs, creating and coding a food recommendation system from scratch. A couple years later the startup got acquired by Seamless/Grubhub and Sergey joined Grubhub as a result. Eventually Sergey went back to the startup life, cofounding, consulting and advising several early-stage fintech companies. Social Nerd is built upon his experiences in and observations of the tech industry.


How and where to start data science?


  • Remember to apply common sense.
  • Work on projects that have real-life meaning.
  • Commit to excellence.


A talk on career stratregy.

Short version:

  • Programmers should work on their social skills.
  •  Companies are paying programmers to create value.
  • Programmers also have a social responsibility to ensure their skills are used for the greater good.